1st MTB Company's Profile

1ST MTB Company Profile


1st MTB is a dynamic company specializing in accelerating IT innovation in Europe. Supported with a keen eye for market trends and an extensive network 1st MTB Technology providers to expand their market presence and increase visibility in a competitive environment. Our goal is to act as a bridge between innovative technology solutions and the market opportunities that arise, thereby promoting the successful entry and growth of our customers in international markets.

Our services are tailor-made for technology providers and users and include everything companies need for a successful market presence, from efficient IT procurement to purchasing advice and the formation of strategic alliances. We attach particular importance to a flexible approach that is adapted to local conditions and benefit from the in-depth market knowledge of our experienced specialists.

The solutions we represent are diverse and exemplary of the innovative potential in our portfolio. These include, among other things, various applications in the field of artificial intelligence, the use of virtual realities for immersive learning experiences in industry, authorities and education, advanced approaches to data security through Quantum Safe Data Protection Appliances and efficient strategies for Oracle Java license optimization. These solutions represent just an excerpt of our comprehensive offering, which always aims to meet the specific requirements of our customers and give them a competitive advantage in their market segment.

1st MTB stands for innovation, security and efficiency in the digital world. Our approach combines strategic market analysis with creative solution finding to proactively address the challenges of the IT industry. We are proud to support individuals, SMEs, large companies and government institutions as partners and to pave the way for the technologies of tomorrow together.

1st MTB Network for the efficient exchange of innovations within Europe

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