The IT market of the Iberia Region

The ICT market on the Iberian Peninsula, which is worth just over 50 billion euros and includes Spain and Portugal, has some special characteristics and peculiarities:

  1. Linguistic variety: Spanish and Portuguese are spoken in Spain and Portugal, although regional languages ​​such as Catalan, Basque and Galician are also common in Spain. This often requires multilingual IT solutions and support services.
  2. Growth and modernization: The IT industry in both countries has recorded strong growth in recent years. Governments and companies are increasingly relying on digitalization and technologies to remain competitive.
  3. Outsourcing: Both Spain and Portugal are attractive destinations for IT outsourcing and nearshoring, especially for European companies. The availability of qualified professionals at competitive costs is an incentive for outsourcing decisions.
  4. Startup scene: Cities like Lisbon and Barcelona have vibrant startup ecosystems. These startups are often innovative and work in areas such as fintech, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence.
  5. Tourism and e-commerce: Due to the tourism sector, e-commerce and digital payment solutions are important in both countries. Online commerce is constantly growing, especially in the areas of fashion and tourism.
  6. Spain's Catalonia and Basque Country: The autonomous regions of Catalonia and the Basque Country in Spain have a particularly strong IT industry and are locations for technology companies and research institutions.
  7. Regulatory differences: Spain and Portugal have their own regulatory frameworks and tax systems that may differ from other European countries. This requires a thorough knowledge of local laws and regulations.
  8. EU funding: As members of the European Union, Spain and Portugal have access to EU funding and programs that support the development of IT projects and innovations.
  9. Investments in research and development: Both countries are investing in IT research and development to increase the competitiveness of their IT industries.
  10. Cybersecurity: Due to the increasing threat of cyber attacks, both countries are investing more in cybersecurity solutions and skills.

In summary, the IT market on the Iberian Peninsula offers an interesting mix of growth, innovation and cultural diversity. Companies wishing to operate in these markets should carefully consider local characteristics and cultural differences.

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The region of the Iberian Peninsula - the IT market of Spain and Portugal

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