How can we help you in the IT market?

You strengthen your own profile through efficient processes - saving yourself and your organization time, effort and costs. Benefit from the many years of experience, knowledge and networks of our interdisciplinary IT market experts:

A technology provider stands out with its possibilities

for technology providers


Market analysis in & feasibility studies

Partner/Alliance & Sales Management

Marketing as a service

Localize sales strategy and concepts

Process review

Sales as a service


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1st MTB Market Technology Business Intelligence: Your key to successful market entry

In the rapidly changing world of technology, it is critical for vendors to have a solid and effective approach to entering new markets. Here comes 1st MTB Market Technology Business Intelligence in the game. Through our many years of experience and our deep understanding of the local IT markets, we offer technology providers a decisive advantage.

We will guide you to your destination more efficiently, quickly and with less effort on your part - because we are already there. Our interdisciplinary market experts are ready to support you wherever you need it. They are also able to guide you through the entire process, ensuring your market entry is seamless, effective and successful.

In today's competitive technology landscape, having the right partner to enter the market is invaluable. 1st MTB Market Technology Business Intelligence offers you not just services, but a partnership based on trust, experience and a deep understanding of the IT market. Let us conquer new horizons together and ensure your success in new markets.

Technology users

for technology users

Sourcing analysis

Sourcing management

Tender management 

Supplier management





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1st MTB Market Technology Business Intelligence: Maximize your benefits with the latest innovations

In the modern business world, technologies play a crucial role. It is therefore of utmost importance for companies and institutions that use IT technology to ensure that they use the best solutions effectively and efficiently. Here you can 1st MTB Market Technology Business Intelligence Giving you a significant advantage.

Our technology expertise, combined with in-depth industry knowledge and our pan-European network, allows us to offer you tailored solutions that help you get the most out of your technology investment.

Technology is a critical tool for business success. With 1st MTB Market Technology Business Intelligence at your side, you can be confident that you are choosing, implementing and managing the right technology solutions. Through our tailored services and expertise, we help you master today's technological challenges and prepare for tomorrow's innovations.