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1st MTB Network for the efficient exchange of innovations within Europe

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Success in the IT world: mastering challenges, creating opportunities

In the dynamic IT industry strong market positioning, presence and networking have become more critical than ever before. Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we do business in all areas at breathtaking speed. New innovations, players and cross-industry intelligence are constantly emerging.

Whether you are a technology provider, startup company or organization using technology, the digital landscape is changing. With new ecosystems and supply chains, new challenges and opportunities in partnerships, sales and procurement arise.

The key to success? Flexibility and agility. Modern business relationships are constantly evolving and often cross-industrial. They often involve collaborations with startups and trigger synergies that used to be out of consideration in the past. Nowadays this has become the engine of running businesses effectively.

For Technology Providers it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of local markets and their mechanisms in order to gain an advantage.

For Technology Customers the focus is on efficient sourcing management. It's about identifying the right technology for the specific organizational needs and even designing and adopting new processes to trigger new business models.

And ultimately, harmony between partners is the key to mutual success in any form of cooperation.

1st MTB Market Technology Business is your reliable partner for market efficiency in the IT sector.

We are here to accompany you on this journey and enable your success more efficiently. Our network of experienced partners has in-depth knowledge of the management of sales, partner and marketing organizations at leading international technology providers. Whether in German-speaking countries, on the Iberian Peninsula, in the far north or in Central and Eastern Europe - we are well connected.

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